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Devil On His Day Off is a tale of friendship between Jesus and the Devil. Their public personas of good versus evil are a sham maintained to appease the human need for a hero and a villain. On their day off Jesus and the Devil throw off their monikers, play music “the Devil’s on his day off, he’s grabbed his bass guitar, Jesus on the 7 string at the bar”, hang out together and get up to all kinds of mischief. The Devil is good bugger and is sick of being cast as the bad guy “he’s tired of faking, he’s tired of breaking, he’s tired of taking the blame all of the time”. A good old fashioned rock song, Devil On His Day off showcases epic guitar harmonies, enhanced with catchy lyrics and smooth vocals to deliver a modern rock anthem with a classic feel.

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Our original Kiwi rock music is influenced by British Blues Rock, stoner rock and the classic rock of the 70s. New music in the style you’ve loved forever.


"they play solid seventies-style melodic hard rock ... while at other times they are channelling Sabbath, or George Thorogood"

2021: A LAZY ODYSSEY album review - Gonzo Magazine UK

“I was immediately taken back into the early Seventies when dirty blues rock was king. There is something special about the blues being played at volume in a hard rock arrangement, and Adrian was shredding like a madman. This is one heck of a live band.” 

Live review Kev Rowland, November 2023

The name Lazy Fifty comes from the saying of an old friend. When he asked you for a ‘lazy twenty’ (dollars), you knew you’d never see the money again.


That was a long time ago and our friend is no longer with us. In memory of him, and allowing for inflation, we are ‘Lazy Fifty’.

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